Hosting Thanks:
Our grateful thanks go to those who provide hosting for our games (and also those, not listed, who provided hosting for us in the past). In no particular order, our games are hosted thanks to:

Ichthyos at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Laurence Myers
Chris Low
Fenix web services
Joshua Marchlewski - The Magic Fantastic
Mike Mayer
Eugene Zaretskiy
Infamous Adventures
Matthew West
Matthew Riley
Ross Simpson
Scott Cooper
Jamie Carter
James Rockholt
Brandon Klassen
Jason Mearls
Michael Nguyen
Zahmatra Soft
Steven Harms
Mark Philpot
Jim Holmes
Steve & Sami Charnoubi
Daniel McPhee
Anime Adventure Games
R.J. Hemme
Luke Holtom
Chris Oradat
Bradley Robert Simard
Jessie Cook
The Freehare
Jeremy Smith - Pinacol, Inc.
Eddie Kay
Ashley Boyer

Thanks to Vivendi for allowing us to continue to make and release these games to the public.

And of course to Just Adventure for their consistent, amazing support.