We do have a little list of rules and guidelines for our forums. Please look over the rules prior to posting in our forums, as deviating from these rules will result in messages being moved around or deleted from the forums.

1. Check the FAQs for common questions & answers
If you have a general, technical, or game-specific question, please check our FAQs to see if your query has already been covered. Questions that have already been covered in the FAQs are less likely to receive a reply when posted in the forums. Also, please spend some time searching through the forums before you post, to see if your question has already been asked and answered by someone else. This actually has an advantage for you, because it means you may not even have to wait for someone's reply!

2. No flaming allowed
NO flaming whatsoever. Any person who blatantly flames another individual or individual's work for any reason will have their account permanently removed from the AGDI forums, and their IP number will be banned.

3. Links to pirated software or abandonware not tolerated
Please do not post links to pirated software or abandonware sites. While AGDI does remake old games, the majority of work in these games is our own. There's a difference between bringing classic games back into the spotlight by spending our own time and effort remaking them, and simply passing the original product around, which belongs fully to another company. Any links to abandonware sites or piracy will be deleted. Likewise, please do not post requests for pirated software or abandonware links or copy protection codes, as they will also be deleted.

4. Pornographic, racist or other offensive material not tolerated
Please do not post links to offensive content, including but not limited to pornography, racism, or anything else of this nature, for obvious reasons. This also includes preaching of anything of a strong political or religious nature. These forums are for the discussion of adventure games and such topics should be discussed elsewhere. All such links/posts will be deleted.

5. Stay on topic / Post in the correct place
Please ensure that your posts remain on-topic. Also, make sure you post in the correct forum. There are eight forums that are accessible to you:

General Forum
This forum is a place to talk about AGDI games and projects.

King's Quest I Remake Forum
This forum is for discussion, comments, questions and hints about AGDI's King's Quest I remake.

King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones Forum
This forum is for discussion, comments, questions and hints about AGDI's King's Quest II remake.

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake
This forum is for discussion, comments, questions and hints about AGDI's Quest for Glory II remake.

Technical & Bugs Forum
Visit this forum to report a bug or to get technical help with AGDI's games. NOTE: Before posting bugs or problems, please make sure that you have downloaded and are running the latest version of the game. Most of the bugs in early versions have already been fixed.

Game Making Forum
This is a public forum, where you can find out everything you wanted to know about how to make games and game-making techniques. Please post all questions regarding game-making here, rather than in the General forum. You may post links to finished game projects in here, but please don't use this forum as an advertising or job recruitment place.

This forum is for the posting of fan polls and other surveys.

Off-Topic Forum
This forum is for off-topic discussion. Feel free to chat about anything you like. No links to warez or abandonware, and no flaming please.

6. Have fun!
There are no longer any pop-up advertisements or banner ads on the AGDI forums, which should allow for faster loading times and easier navigation!

Happy posting and enjoy the forums!