I have a question for you guys!
Please make sure that you've looked through all the FAQs here, they really do answer a lot of potential questions. If your question has not been addressed, please post it in our forums.

I can't download / install / play your games!
Please refer to the Technical FAQ.

Can I donate server space?
Yes! The games are quite large, and if you're willing to donate space, we would be glad to accept it. For further information email us, so that we can obtain the proper information to link to your site.

Can I link to your game downloads from my site? Can I distribute your games from my site?

No, you cannot, due to our download tracking system and our legal agreement. Instead, please refer your visitors to our homepage, or as mentioned above, offer to donate server space to us.

Will you post a link to my site?
We are not adding new links to our link area right now, but if you would like to submit a link for future consideration, please email us. The only links that will be considered are links for websites that focus on adventure gaming.

Can I post a link to your site?
There’s no need to ask our permission – go right ahead!

I found a broken link on your website. Where can I report it?
You can email us.

Can I interview you or review one of your games?
Please feel free to review our games! For interviews, if you are a member of the press or you have a gaming website that receives significant hits, you can email us.