I can't download / install / play your games!
Please refer to the Technical FAQ.

I wish to make a translation file in another language for one of your games.
We are no longer supporting the creation of new translation files for King’s Quest I. And both King’s Quest II and Quest for Glory II also do not support translations.

Will you remake games by LucasArts or other companies?
No, we are not able to remake any LucasArts games or games by other companies.

Will you remake Quest For Glory IV?
No, we will not remake any Sierra game that already exists as a VGA version. We remake Sierra games in order to update the graphics, sound, and interface. Fixing bugs is not a good reason to remake a game and provides too few results for the massive amount of effort required to build a game from the ground up. Besides, you can now bypass various timer related bugs in Sierra's original games, including Error52 from Quest for Glory IV, with these Script Code Patches.

What game will you remake next? Will you remake any of the Space Quest games or King's Quest 4?
No. Once we have finished tying up all the loose ends with our current project, we will not be remaking any more Sierra games. Unfortunately, the time required to create games as detailed and complex as these is no longer something that we have the resources or time to do pro-bono. Making these games requires an immense amount of dedication, willpower, commitment, and a great number of personal sacrifices. And while we have learned many valuable things from remaking these titles over the years, the situation has certainly taken its toll on us. However, we plan to carry over our skills by creating original commercial adventure games at Himalaya Studios. So if you have enjoyed our Sierra game remakes, and if you appreciate the fruits of our labor, then please do support us in our commercial endeavor so that we can remain true to the adventure game genre, and continue doing what we love!

Can you guys help me make my own game? Can you answer scripting questions?
We would love to help you out in getting started with your own game, but unfortunately, we are very busy. We highly recommend that you ask questions in our forums (link to forums), or get involved with the community at the AGS forums. You can learn a lot from talking to others who are making games, reading tutorials, and just by trial and error.

I'm an artist, musician, or programmer. Can I join the team?
If extra work comes our way, we will announce openings on the index page of this website and in the General Forum in our forums. However, if you think you really have what it takes and you have a lot of time and dedication, you can also email us.

How can I send you guys a donation for all your hard work?
We don't accept donations - but if you’d like to support our efforts, please consider supporting us by purchasing our commercial release “Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine”. This will allow us to continue what we enjoy doing – making adventure games.

How can I buy a boxed copy of your games from you?
We do not offer boxed copies of our games. The games are not ours to sell and we'd be in trouble if we did. They are only available by downloading them from our website.

I can't download your games, can you send them to me on a CD?
No, the games are only available by downloading them from our website. Ask someone you know who has a fast Internet connection and a CD burner to download the games and burn them onto a CD for you.

I can't solve these puzzles! Please help!
There are several walkthroughs available online, including our own on our Games pages. If you have any specific question that you feel would be better answered personally, feel free to look for or ask for hints in our forums.