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Quest for glory 5 savegame editors?
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Author:  Paladinlover [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:56 am ]
Post subject:  Quest for glory 5 savegame editors?

There used to be a website that had all sorts of neat QFG 5 savegame editors, one of which of interest to me was the one that allowed inventory editing. I had it on my PC for many years until a certain crash last year wrecked everything I had. I lost all it and other QFG 5 savegame editors as well.

The website that had them went offline a long time ago, and no matter how hard I looked, I was unable to find the same program. It was an old program, actually, with the copyright dating to 2000 and it was made by an a REALLY old time forum member who's name I don't remember (but the credits also listed some other old timers like the Centaur of Sifnos and Dreem).

That being said, does anyone know about it? If so, any link as to where I can download it? I'd greatly appreciate any assistance here.

EDIT: No real need for this anymore. I just found a hex editing guide that basically accomplished the same thing (except I'm not messing around with the quantities). Also I've pulled it off thus far without (at least not immediately apparent) wrecking the game.

Till next time stay cool 8))

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