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Pussy. Poster. Pre-Order.
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Author:  eriqchang [ Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Pussy. Poster. Pre-Order.

There have been some inquiries about obtaining the King's Quest III commemorative poster sooner rather than later. I think you will find it difficult prying one away from Chitlins grubby paws unless you are a personal friend of her entourage for now. While the poster won't be available for a short while, there will be a chance to win one of 13 original studio pieces (10.5" x 23") in the next few weeks. I will be giving them away on the Art of Sierra fan page.

If you want to secure one now, you can place a pre-order notification spot by signing up for the stunning new adventure game "Mage's: Initiation" from Himalaya Studios. I have seen the screenshots and game in motion and let me tell you, a free King's Quest III poster is the last thing you'll be thinking of when you grab this Sierra-inspired title. ;) Still, it will be a nice long poster to stick on your wall while you conjure a fireball to singe off the wizard's face.

The spooky Gnome's Lair has graciously posted a few images from the studio.

Here are some photos of Chitlins that I was forced, by her manager, to shoot. Grits was asleep in the other room for most of this one - he was busy helping Freddy in dreamland.

Chitlins first appeared in the monstrous 2008 Quest for Glory II promotion.

Miss C posed, rather impatiently, for about five seconds for this picture. Bitch.

concept art of Gwydion and Manannan I snuck in to shoot while C was asleep.

Chitlins well-manicured nails - yes we all know you are beautiful... yadda yadda ya.. courtesy of Eriq's nail salon.

Upside-down portrait of an angry woman.

King's Quest III poster is also a yoga mat.

I swear.. Chitlins prances around the house now acting all Diva. I can't even feed her treats without her turning up her nose and asking for a different variety. "Ugh! Does Rosella eat those?! Then I won't eat them."

(sigh.) Superstars... what can you do?

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