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 Post subject: Mac Versions
PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:09 am 
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I finished playing through AGDI's King's Quest I and II again and just finished III! Wow! Great job guys! I thoroughly enjoyed my play-through and appreciate all the hard work and love that went into these.

I played through all games on the Mac versions and had a pretty good experience. I did run into a couple of issues though that probably aren't your problem but that you might be interested in nonetheless:

  • Sound occasionaly stutters at the start of playing, like, you'll hear the first second of a clip and then it restarts and plays fine.
  • If you plug in headphones or pull them out while playing, the sound stops completely.
  • There's no apparent way to change the video resolution or switch between fullscreen/windowed.
  • You can't switch between windows while playing.
  • At the very end of King's Quest III, after seeing the awards screen, I got a fatal exception that crashed the program.
The only Sierra adventure games I played growing up were Quest for Glory I VGA and V (on Mac). I missed 2-4 as I didn't have access to a PC growing up. I did play a bunch of LucasArts adventure games though so I'm a fan of the genre. I do remember once seeing the box of King's Quest V at my cousin's house and thought it looked fun. So far, I've only played your King's Quest I-III remakes and may wait to play IV if I hear any good news from you guys :D (I pray that Activision decides to not be stupid).

It was really interesting playing though all three of these games in succession. I thought King's Quest I was pretty fun. I had a hard time navigating that game due to the wrapping: I could never remember where anything was or how to get anywhere because I couldn't grok where anything was in relation to each other. King's Quest I and III were much easier for me though sans wrapping. I really enjoyed the story you guys added to King's Quest II and the ending was super satisfying. I kind of wish that you could go back in time and make a King's Quest I+ with a story :/. King's Quest III was also really fun and satisfying. The voice work was really good. I thought Gwydion's voice acting was really good and thought he sounded like a man who had been talked down to his whole life. Good puzzles and rewarding gameplay! I'm not sure what you added to King's Quest III with the exception of a certain black robed man at the end and a programmer's easter egg. Well, let me say again, great job! Thank you so much for the time you put into this. Your growth is very apparent due to the increasing quality throughout the games. May your future projects be profitable! (I'll be buying Mage's Initiation ;))


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