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So, uh, how's QFG2VGA Development?
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Author:  GuJiaXian [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 3:10 pm ]
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Yeah, but think about this:

My wife and I just bought into a cellular plan two days ago, and we ended up with some pretty fancy phones for next to nothing. They both have color screens that are higher-resolution than a GBA. I've been really thinking about this thread now that I have a phone that could run a "cell phone adventure game", and I've decided that I would NEVER want to pixel-hunt on a screen that small.

In short, I think that adventure games on cell phones is a poor idea.

Author:  Skyshark [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 3:13 pm ]
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<looks at his new Sony Ericsson T230>

Hmm, wonder if they'll ever come out for this one. :D

Author:  Blummer102 [ Thu Aug 12, 2004 8:00 pm ]
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On the Ngage topic, I saw a few weeks ago you can actually get games such as Red Faction for the Nokia Ngage. Red Faction is an old game yes, but for a cellphone to play a first person shooter of that quality it can easily play something such as KQ, QFG and SQ.

Indeed, but first off, Red Faction for the N-Gage isn't very good. In fact, it kind of sucks, since the screen's too small, the graphics are murky, and the control isn't what it used to be. Secondly, a cellphone definitely has the TECHNICAL capability to play something like KQ or QFG, but does it have the practical capability? A game like Red Faction works alright on a cellphone because its a first person shooter, a genre that functions just as well with a little handheld D-pad as it does with a mouse. (BASICALLY, anyway) For a game like QFG, though, where you've got icon bars, loads of little menus with tiny little pixels you have to click just wouldn't play very well. I don't know about anyone else, but I personally can't stand moving a cursor around on a handheld screen with a D-pad, and having to press "A" everytime I see something I want to "click" on. This is precisely the reason why King's Quest 5 didn't work on the original NES, and also the reason as to why Broken Sword II didn't work that well on the GBA. For adventure games to truly be accessible and easy-to-play on consoles, their controls and menus need to be re-formatted to make things easier on the new platform, and most companies don't seem to do this.

PS: Nokia engage can play most TV-games as well. You just need to download an application or two. You can play anything from tomb raider to the brand new Prince of Persia (which looks to be higher res than those we grew up with), flight simulators etc etc.

If the AGDs need to go there to promote their games... why would you want to stop them?

I think the TV games you're referring to aren't necessarily straight ports, they're slightly watered-down versions made especially for the N-Gage, and usually they're a bit inferior. The N-Gage Tomb Raider was impressive at first for its 3D graphics, but the limited screen size as well as the clunky controls made it tough to play. Don't know about Prince of Persia, but I believe they also went for a 3D route on this one, rather than the 2D version they released on the GBA. The whole point is that while N-Gage is certainly a powerful device that has the ability to generate good graphics, many of its games have not been able to replicate the plain old fun that can be found on other, LESS powerful handhelds like the GBA.

As for promotion, hey, I'm all for it, and I don't want anyone to stop. I'm just saying that the idea of putting quality adventure games on cellphones (and having these quality adventure games do WELL financially...) leaves me kinda skeptical. But hey, if anyone can do it well, I'd be the first to sign up.

Author:  Gronagor [ Fri Aug 13, 2004 6:57 am ]
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Hey. No objection here! Although most of the newer phones can go up to 640x480 graphics... but on that small screen it is almost pointless.

I don't like games on cellphones myself, but I do see the money-making potential... but your game has to be impressive, because there is so many free or cheap Java games being made at this stage.

PS: If I can upload the KQ games (cellphone versions) somewhere, perhaps you could download it and test?? :)

Author:  Blummer102 [ Sat Aug 14, 2004 2:47 am ]
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PS: If I can upload the KQ games (cellphone versions) somewhere, perhaps you could download it and test??

In a flash, though I'd need a new phone first. :p

Author:  GuJiaXian [ Sat Aug 14, 2004 5:25 am ]
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I have the requisite new phone, but I don't believe that I can connect my phone to my computer out-of-the-box. Not sure what extras (nor how much they'd cost) I'd need to get them sync'd up.

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