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Eagle Eye Mysteries/They Killed That Genre Too!
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Author:  FamousAdventurer77 [ Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Eagle Eye Mysteries/They Killed That Genre Too!

Much as we'd all love 2D, third-person, point n click adventure games to make a full-fledged comeback in today's gaming market,

I think that seeing new (or re-releases of old ones) REAL mystery games would also be a total treat.

I picked up this game called the "Women's Murder Club", figured it sounded promising. The tagline was that you got to solve a mystery.

That couldn't have been farther from the truth. It was so sucky and disappointing that it makes me wish the AVGN would rip it a new one. (Or at least get my money back.)

The story wasn't half bad, but it was just a bunch of crappy mini-games smashed together not much unlike the Nancy Drew games (except those stories and characters tend to be REALLY bad). Though the story would've been way better if you actually got to, you know, SOLVE the mystery instead of it just being shown to you after playing one crappy minigame after another.

It's not like say, Eagle Eye Mysteries where you had to find clues, interrogate suspects, then use real logic and deduction to figure out the whodunnit.

To my knowledge there were only 2 series of Eagle Eye that EA put out, it was the first one just called "Eagle Eye Mysteries" and the second one that can be more easily found (and that I still have), Eagle Eye In London.

Anyone know where I can find the first series? It's REALLY rare. I've checked ebay countless times and it never pops up. I'd love to play a real mystery again instead of some crappy hidden object game!

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