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Might & Magic Heroes 6
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Author:  Blake00 [ Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Might & Magic Heroes 6

Any of you guys Heroes fans? I'm a huge Heroes addict lol.. in the 90's for me it was either Quest for Glory or Heroes of Might & Magic! Oh and some Civ lol. These days while I live and breath all things Elder Scrolls related I still love the Heroes series.

I probably posted about Heroes 5 here years ago and now 6 is finally here!! Its getting good reviews (better then 5's) although most people aren't happy about its bugs and online validation (causes probs for people with a bad internet connection) but they've done a lot of cool gameplay graphical stuff to update the franchise. I just got the collectors edition which is pretty cool and I'm actually finding it quite difficult to play compared to previous heroes games and I considered myself a Heroes guru lol.

Nothing will ever beat Heroes 3 in my mind but this one is pretty darn good! After some patches and addon packs it'll definitely beat Heroes 4 & 5 for me!

Cinematic Trailer (I love this vid)

In-game Blood Trailer

In-game Tears Trailer

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