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 Post subject: Quest For Glory Dungeons and Dragons
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:55 am 
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I remember reading about someone trying to do this years ago and I finally got a chance to do it myself. Over the past year or so I've been playing D&D with the same group of 5-6 people. Eventually it became my turn to be the dungeon master and my brother had already used all the adventure books in the house. Some of the other players made their campaigns from scratch but they always felt a bit wonky/offbalance or underthought.

I decided to do Quest for Glory. We used Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition with a party consisting of an archer, a rogue, a healer and 2 fighter types. Because we had no magic user I didn't need to worry about fitting in the wizard's spells with the potential encounters. This was good because honestly I've played much less magic user than the other two. It was easy enough to get us from our last campaign into the land of spielburg. I should mention that it would actually be easier with 1st level characters as goblins and regular brigands had to be beefed up quite a bit to face our level 13 characters and it made it seem like the players progressed backwards at points. They were used to fighting the kind of monsters you'd face in Shadows of Darkness for instance.

I started them outside of Erasmus' tower instead of coming down the mountain however I made the base of the mountain where the game normally starts. The players loved all the gargoyle questions and especially liked the trinkets in Erasmus' waiting room. I gave an experience bonus for each bad pun they'd let Erasmus tell as he was explaining the setting and the troubles with the Baron. After that it was right off to find the man within the beast.

To give the characters an item of questionable magic (writing trick to keep players involved is to have them get a seemingly useless item early on that becomes integral later on, think of Jamming the pylon in the Robot in SQV for an example) so I had them meet Brauggi in his cave. They approached it in a battle formation of sorts and Brauggi fired a warning shot (I gave him a crossbow so he could have both melee and ranged options) which the players took as a hostile action and swarmed him. It was a great fight because he stood on the frozen lake. Some players tried to melt the ice under and others charged straight at him slipping on the ice exactly as the Hero would. They killed him but he got some shots in with his club. They grabbed the Rubies from him with no idea what they were for.

After this they discovered 4 ogres (instead of one since their are 5 players) outside a cave and got into a heated battle. They tried to rest in the cave but found it occupied by a bear. Since they failed any kind of nature or perception check they did not notice that this was actually the baronet (Bearonet haha) and killed him! after eating some poison mushrooms and killing the kobold capturer they took the dead baronet to the healers hut who used a dispel potion to rid him of his curse. She also gave some left over dispel potions to the party with a warning "So that this doesn't happen if you happen across the baronesse."

The Baron gave less of a reward than usual for the return of his still snooty but partially deformed son and they were off to find the brigand fortress. Without thinking twice they killed Toro at the front gate (not noticing the keyhole in the rock wall that the thief could have easily opened) and fell through almost every trap in the courtroom. The Three Stooge encounter was one of the best ones we did. They pulled a rug from under them. Accidentally chandeliered one of their own characters and barely made it through the fight where I had incorporated some of the special abilities from Stooge Fighter III (Space Quest 6 in my QFG? Never!)

They are now outside the treasury and are about to meet Elsa then they are one encounter with Baba Yaga away from heading to Shapeir. So far it's going great. I'll list some of the core changes I've made from the original script to make it translate better to DND.

Enry the Eighth was removed as well as all parts of the dispel fetch quest were removed for time which was kind of a shame
I gave each player the choice of signing the adventurers log which will affect their end reward (I noted that the original signature by Wolfgang Abenteur had a flourish)
The Kobold Magician was actually the one behind the recent uprising of goblins and the brigands were the past inhabitants of Spielburg before the depression.
Erasmus mentions the magic mirror and claims it was his just so that players would be on the look out for it and so that they might think to use it on Baba Yaga.
Yorrick Room removed just for how impossible it'd be to recreate with tiles

So far it's been really fun and it's just so different from the regular swords and sorcery stuff that everyone is really enjoying it. The Full game is about 12 hours at the table and the best part is how easily it will branch into the next adventure and how so many characters will return and make the players feel their actions matter. Hopefully this inspires some of you guys to try this or something like it in the future.

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