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Never Answered Questions to games
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Author:  Renodox [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Never Answered Questions to games

I was thinking of writing a list of questions that a number of people ask over the years as far as games go but they never get answered. Most of these questions are ones that are linked directly to the game world logic but I'll also accept a few that deal with real world logic. The examples I have are:

1. Why Add A "No" Option?

This one is a real world one. There have been so many games out there that you are asked a question where you can answer "yes" or "no." However, there are VERY few games where the asking character will ever accept "no" for an answer and most of them just end up with repeated dialogue if you keep answering "no." But don't you wonder, why add that option in the first place then?

2. What Does The Villain Do All This Time?

In most games where you're trying to get to the boss of a level you are doing a ton of things but the boss is just sitting around or pops into the room when you get there. Haven't you ever wondered, just what has he/she been doing all this time?

3. Who's The Mother/Father/Parents Of…?

A true staple of passive entertainment. Just about anyone who's played a game with the hero trying to rescue the princess knows about this. All too often, we find that the princess' parents don't get mentioned at all or if there is a mention of parents it's usually just the mother or father. Unless the people who wrote these characters into existence have no sense of reproduction, there should be two parents. So who IS it?

4. Where Does The Hero Carry His Stuff?

This one is even mentioned in the hint books of classic adventure games. Well, in direct response to those, Batman leaves his clothes in the batcave, whatever car he's in, or he just puts the cape and cowl over them, Spiderman hides his clothes in a pouch of webbing before he takes off, and Superman has been revealed to usually use his superspeed to hide them in the globe of the Daily Planet building. Since none of these are options for the heroes it leaves people wondering.

These are the kind of questions I'm looking for and I'd be interested in knowing your ideas for them. What HAVE you always wondered about games throughout the years?

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