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Translators, please read.
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Author:  Erpy [ Fri Oct 26, 2001 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Translators, please read.

A while ago I finished my dutch translation of KQ1VGA. Besides the game contents, I also translated the manual and the readme. After sending it to Tierra, I heard that it would be too much work to create a separate manual for each language. (as the manual is basically a collection of large pictures, which cannot be edited directly) The foreign manuals would likely be text-files.<br><br>Personally, I found it to be a pity that the foreign manuals would be plain text-files, while the original english manual was such a beautiful and well-designed document. That's why I started my own version of the manual. I finished it today. Except for the headers above the pages (those are unfortunately beyond my abilities) the entire manual is translated.<br><br>I was wondering if there were translators who also translated the manual and if so, if they would be interested in creating a KQ1VGA-manual in their native language with my help.<br><br>I was also wondering if there are people out there with the graphical skills to create headers like the ones above the manual pages and buttons like the ones above and below the pages. Those are the only things I haven't been able to convert yet.<br><br>My e-mail adress is <p></p><i></i>

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