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Where are you from and how old are you?
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Author:  Angelus3K [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 7:45 am ]
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My first game was also KQ5!!

Author:  Steffi Evenstar [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 12:26 pm ]
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Lambonis -

that's funny - my first sierra game was also KQ4, which i played when i was babysat!

Author:  Blackthorne519 [ Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:13 am ]
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I'm Twenty-Eight years old.

I hail from Upstate New York - Syracuse, to be exact.

My first adventure game was "ADVENTURE" on the Atari 2600.  I still can't beat it, cause the duck chases me around forever.

My first Sierra game was King's Quest I.  I still haven't beaten it because I'm lazy and the damn dwarf keeps stealing my stuff.  I hate that guy.


Author:  Ibanezrg82 [ Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:55 am ]
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24, Chicagoland.

QFG1 ega that was my first, on my childhood friend's 286 with an adlib card.
Then came KQ4.
Then came KQ3 and such.

KQ6 is a great game, one of the greatest.

Author:  Jontas [ Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  First Games

Still 29 and from San Diego,

I have ADD so my memory is less then reliable, but I believe my first Sierra adventure game was either "Kings Quest II" or "Police Quest I (origional)".
As for my fist Lucasarts adventure games, it was either "Monkey Island I" or "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

Author:  Quest For Glory Fan [ Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:23 pm ]
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my first Lucas Arts was either day of the Tentacle or Sam and Max.

Author:  Ibanezrg82 [ Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:34 am ]
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Sam and Max, I remember that one.
Something with a tentacle and a Snuckeys, right?

I never liked that one. Too much humour.

Author:  Quest For Glory Fan [ Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:51 pm ]
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:eek I don't understand that last statement.

Author:  Zahmatra(n) [ Thu Apr 26, 2007 3:04 am ]
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Hehehehe... so far, the only Argentinian

but still living in DC... and the only living in DC  :lol

To the one living in MD: Where in MD? I go often because I have relatives living in Silver Spring.

My first game: Babyland Park (in my Coleco Vision. Anybody knows it? Here is a link for some screens: )
Note: Somehow, my cartridge game had the name of Babyland Park, but the screens show that the real name was cabbage patch Kids Adventures in the Park.  :cry  They lied to me all this time!!!

My first Adventure game: Monkey Island (everybody would come to my house to play in my VGA monitor)

My first Sierra game: King Quest 5 (till today I love that game)

My first time: (wait, I am not supposed to say that....)

Author:  jpnuar1 [ Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:05 am ]
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20, Born in Saudi Arabia (although my parents came from Michigan), Raised in Louisiana and Michigan, USA

Author:  Ibanezrg82 [ Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:16 am ]
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Good times, Saudi dude.

If you have never played QFG2 you should probably respond to this.

Author:  Fribbi [ Fri Apr 27, 2007 2:04 am ]
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I am 30 age old and will be 31 age old on this year and I am from Iceland and one of the oldest forum member here. I started here as some kind of joyful joke entertainer. Once upon a time for a long time ago I did share here some arts, music,and King Quest comic and brougth here some cool links. I also translated the King Quest 1 VGA for icelandic users. I haven't be doing here much lately because I have be busy with my own life and the TV show wich I was a competitor in. So yes I am famous TV star in Iceland right now. ;)  Here is the poster from that show.


My first sierra game wich I bougth for my oldest computer was Space Quest 4. My first pc game was either Mega Traveller 2 or Gold of the Aztecs.
My first game ever was made for some kind of small pocket computer. wich is very like Gameboy, and the gamenametitle was Gorilla escape (I think). It was about young gorilla who had to free the big gorilla mom from her cage. And the gorilla son had to avoid the crows and crocodile while he was swinging on a vines. I wonder if anyone here have ever played that game before. I really don't know if that game has ever ben released for pc or any other computer. I was 5-6 year old when I played that game.
My first King Quest game was King Quest 6. And my first Quest for glory game was Quest for glory 1 EGA. My first Police quest game was nr 1. My first Leisure suit Larry was nr 2. :p

Author:  Steffi Evenstar [ Fri Apr 27, 2007 2:40 am ]
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Zah - i live in Ellicott City, just outside of Baltimore

Author:  Ibanezrg82 [ Fri Apr 27, 2007 7:56 am ]
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We got some Icelanders here,

So you translated it. I know that Icelandic is one of the hardest langauges to translate. I would like to see QFG in Icelandic.

What is up with the picture, and the mullets?
I guess mullets are cool in Iceland. If I move there, I will grow one.
Mullets are cool! Especially Icelandic mullets!
I am sure the mullet protects from the cold winds on your neck.

Author:  Fribbi [ Sat Apr 28, 2007 4:39 pm ]
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Me too but I don't  think AGDI team would like that. :(

Author:  Skyshark [ Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:42 am ]
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25, Perth, Western Australia

First Sierra game I can ever remember is Space Quest II when I was about 5 at a friends house.

Author:  Hale2000 [ Sat May 26, 2007 11:09 pm ]
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I'm 30. turning 31 this summer.
From Sweden.

Author:  Ghost_Rider [ Sun May 27, 2007 4:08 pm ]
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I'm 28, from Ontario, Canada.

My first Sierra game was Hero's Quest, for the Amiga 2000.  As I'm sure most of us already know, Sierra later changed the name to Quest for Glory I.

Author:  Adventure_Knight [ Sun May 27, 2007 5:49 pm ]
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I'm 16, from Las Palmas, Spain. My first adventure game... I think it was either Monkey Island 1 or Fate of Atlantis... My first Sierra game was Space Quest 1.

Author:  johnb4467 [ Mon May 28, 2007 10:22 am ]
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Haha, yeah it IS funny how close most of us are in age.

I'm 27, and I'm moving to West LA next month.
Grew up in Southern California.

I think my first adventure game was KQ5 (a neighbor had it; the VGA graphics BLEW ME AWAY!!!)

Author:  Aeazel [ Fri Jun 01, 2007 1:35 am ]
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23 here.  Originally from Germany, but had dual citizenship, so constantly traveled.  Right now, living in Chicago, Illinois.

Both parents were heavy computer gamers, so it was actually my mother who decided I should play Quest for Glory.  The earliest adventure game was Mixed Up Mother Goose when I was four, followed by The Black Cauldron.

Author:  trezy [ Fri Jun 01, 2007 1:39 am ]
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19 from British Columbia Canada.  My first adventure was probally QFG 1.  Not sure.

Author:  lodgey [ Fri Jun 01, 2007 10:30 am ]
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30 from Adelaide, Australia.

My first game was far too long ago to remember properly. I have vague memories of Dad bringing home a TI-99/4a home computer. I also remember spending lots of time typing in games from a book that Dad had bought.

While I don't know what my first adventure game was, some of the earlier ones were Pirate Adventure and The Count by Scott Adams.

I also remember the sequel to Pirate Adventure (Return to Pirate Isle) and the ever-present "I hear an alarm clock ringing somewhere". That phrase seemed to invade my daily life and sometimes it seemed that I could almost hear it for real, although the game didn't have any audio that I can recall.

Author:  BeerNutts [ Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:48 pm ]
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I'll play too.

31, Atlanta, GA

1st Sierra game (1st computer game actually), KQ1 for the IBM PC Jr, in the original plastic box. Then KQ2, then Black Cauldron.  Thems were good times.

I like to brag that I'm probably the longest sierra game playing forum member (I mean, I guess someone might've beat me by playing Mystery House, or that old soft porn game by Sierra, but those don't REALY count, do they?)

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