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 Post subject: Hagatha....and FAMILY!
PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 5:40 pm 
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A little family history I dug up relating to the family of wizards and witches that have plagued the Royal Family of Daventry...and it might just tie in with The Father! If he controls one, why not all.<br><br><br>Hagatha, Mordack, and Manannan are all related. However, there is another sibling. She was mentioned somewhere in KQ3 or 6...I cannot remember which. Miranda was her name and apparently, she was married to Shadrack, the wizard Alhazred was writing to in KQ6. Hagatha 'died' in the tower realm. Manannan is forevermore a cat. Mordack got his flame snuffed out, so Miranda is technically the only survivor of that family. Manannan does not count because he is no longer human.<br><br>As for their parents, there father was a Belgian womanizer and there mother was a french prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet.... oops, wrong parents.<br><br>Their mother was apparently a beautiful Enchantress who eventually went bad when her powers seemed to always go wrong. She made bad things happen when she tried to do good, so people eventually began to hate her. The only people I could think of that she is like is Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty...wants to help but has wacky powers and a bad temper...and Esmeralda and Aunt Clara from Bewitched who cannot do anything right.<br><br>Their father was a powerful sorcerer who was said to be able to move entire planets just by blinking. Although we all know that wizards tend to over exaggerate...."I manifested a fire ball... THIS...BIG."<br>He and their mother met while she placed an Enchantment on a some Prince in a castle..something to do with a rose and a beast...sound familiar? Anyway, they married and had four of the nastiest children EVER.<br><br>Nice Gene Pool Huh! <br><br> <p></p><i></i>

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