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Weird Alichica behavior and some comments
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Author:  DrJones [ Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Weird Alichica behavior and some comments

I was showing the game yesterday to a friend who played the original EGA version, and told him of something I thought it was neat.

If you ask Alichica about "buy" or "bargain", he starts looking on his post for something, then he says he hasn't any "bargain" for you.

Then he said to me that what Alichica was doing looked like a bug, as if he were really looking for "bargain <null>" or "buy <null>". To reassure, he made me write "buy compass" and I got to the buying interface. I told him I would inform about it in the case it wasn't intended behavior.

He told me then to ask why the buying interface shows items that I haven't heard about yet, or which are exclusive for other classes (magic rope for one), as he thinks gives away spoilers. Nonetheless, he got enchanted with the remake, specially the new highly adorned alleys (we found the Prince of Persia, heh!), the navigation system, and the fighting system! About that one, I would have sworn that there was a graphic controls menu on the right part of the screen, weird. He used the old "keep the 9 button pressed" and got killed by a brigand that threw him a knife!! :rollin

We also enjoyed the hidden descriptions on the start game panel, though we had to restart the game to place the savegame on the correct folder (thought we could navigate to the qfg1 directory from there). What a cool feature the option to correct the character! Though we're puzzled about what represents the experience stat.

Also, I tried to be clever, and asked about "Suck blue cup" with no avail. :lol

The only thing he didn't really liked, was that sound when you get game points. He told me the echo was a tiny bit too long, and I hit him with a pillow. :lol

Congrats again to you for this wonderful remake! I might comment more as we slowly advance through the game.

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