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 Post subject: After completion - review of the game
PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:33 pm 
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Okay, I've given the game my typical treatment; I spent the first few hours exploring the new colour in detail, then shotgun riding the plot to the end with the greatest expedience possible. All in all it took me about 6 hours to complete the game and about 4 extra hours to explore the little bits and pieces that were new or I had to go back and check out.

Having been a hardcore Sierra gamer from way back, and enjoying the nostalgia of the old games, I pretty much knew QFG2 off by heart. When I encountered something I didn't remember, I had to try and scope out whether it was a new addition, something of the old game I never discovered, or just an Easter Egg.

Here are my criticisms (both good and bad) of the game.

To begin with, my negative criticisms should be framed with the pr̩cis that all of the limitations of the game (imho) are more a reflection of keeping true to the original layout and structure of the game; so these are more limitations of the original game rather than limitations of adaptations. For the purpose of completion, I have added a wish list of things that I would have liked to see in the game, but simulatenously recognise the expansions that have already been put into the game РI don't actually expect them to be included.

- I was very pleased to find the idea of knowledge flags, which meant the narrative flow of events and triggers were a lot more reasonable – it suddenly became harder to jump the gun on the game simply because you had knowledge of the plot.
- The combat system, as has been commented on, is superbly complex yet intuitive. I think it is by far my favourite of all the combat systems, and even made it interesting for me. I'm typically one who avoids combat through the games (and fighter characters) because they're boring in my opinion. I am pleased to see that the different classes have different styles of fighting to their advantage.
- The expansive dialogue trees, and the animated faces.
- The many, many Easter eggs, including the resurrection of the Saurus Repair Shop, and Wizard's Whirl.
- The improved alley ways; no longer the repetition of the same graphics, but an intricately and uniquely details layout of all-the city.
- The additional sub-scenes (the third thieves run in Shapier for example).

Wish List – I recognise that almost all of these require additional programming which would be a burden on AGDI. I thank them for the efforts already gone in, but I can still dream.

- an appearance of a pizza elemental at some point.
- a few more additional locations of interest in the desert – maybe like a cave of wonders where you could get a large amount of treasure as a non-renewable resource.
- greater functionality of the astrologer. I would have liked to see him be involved in some of the puzzle solving of the game, or maybe even a little mini game (like in his observatory)
- an opportunity to rob the sultan's palace.
- a ‘hard' mode which made some of the original puzzles more complex for those of us who know them by rote (ie; more challenging WIT path, more secret caches in Issur's place to rob).
- the opportunity to buy useless junk from the alley merchants.
- things to do/explore in Rasier that made it feel less like I was only passing time till the narrative events.
- an opportunity to start with no spells, but then acquire them later through puzzles (such as how Trigger, Detect Magic, and Calm were all found through puzzles). I think I would have preferred.

I think I'll take these elsewhere as part of a speculative thread for a QFGIIVGA+...

 Post subject: Re: After completion - review of the game
PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:29 am 
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Thanks for the kind words. I do believe you missed several significant things we put in there, so don't hesitate to replay the game every once in a while. Judging from your post, there's at least one thing you missed.


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