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Magic Games and parser interface
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Author:  papste [ Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Magic Games and parser interface

Hello everyone, i am now on my third play-through with a wizard character and using only the parser interface.
Just a small question here that's been bugging me. I completed both Keapon's and Aziza's games but i don't think i found any mentioning about it or a hint that might direct you as to ask Aziza or Keapon about the magic games so as to activate the challenge option. I mean i had to type "magic games" in the parser interface in order to activate the challenge option, but i knew that already because i had completed the game once with the P&C interface earlier. I think Keapon mention something very vague about the games when you ask him about magic but Aziza doesn't. So how would anyone playing with the parser interface (which i believe is the only way to enjoy this awesome game to the full extend), know that there's an extra game added that you can play with Aziza? If its not mentioned anywhere its really easy to miss it (especially since it requires for you to graduate from WIT first if im not mistaken). And as Erpy said in another post only Wizards can access this minigame and it grands you a huge benefit in combat. Shouldn't something so huge have a hint as to direct you not missing it?

I hope the case is that there was some kind of hint somewhere that i missed, otherwise please include some text when you ask Aziza or Keapon about magic in a future version of the game.

Author:  Erpy [ Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Magic Games and parser interface

Keapon's game is something he mentions if you ask him about magic and you have the right spells in your inventory. The idea was that a player would also eventually ask Aziza about it, since the topic yielded results with Keapon and eventually someone would ask Aziza about it while already a wizard. There's no direct parser hint to it.

Keep in mind, the wizard games were meant to be hidden extra's, not really something people were supposed to find as part of their normal game. I suppose the internet changed all that pretty radically, since the moment one person finds out about it, the rest of the world knows too.


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