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Bug entering combat just while leaving screen
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Author:  mgoetze [ Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Bug entering combat just while leaving screen


first of all, thanks very much for this excellent remake! (Even though I was a bit disappointed that Dinarzad isn't nearly as hot up close... but the combat system makes up for that.)

Unfortunately, I just stumbled into a bug trying to avoid combat: just south of the Shapeir overlook, at night, I ran into a Scorpion. Since I didn't feel like fighting it (tail limit reached), I moved north towards Overlook. Apparently, I wasn't fast enough, because I got the message about "Hostile intent is evident..."

Then again, maybe I was fast enough, because instead of a combat screen, I got the Shapeir overlook screen, Ego entering from the south! So I figured, alright, just got out of that one... let's head back home. And moved north towards Shapeir, at which point the game crashed with the following error:

in Room 12 script (line 511)

Error: StartCutscene: already in a cutscene

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