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V 1.1 New Game bug?
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Author:  AlastorBosch [ Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  V 1.1 New Game bug?

I started up a new game, and encountered the alley brigand. Imagine my surprise when my HP and SP were lower than they ought to be. Considering it was day 1, and that was the first combat or remotely hazardous thing I'd done, I was curious. So, I restarted twice, with different characters. No matter what points went into allocation, the current health and stamina values were at their minimum for a new character when you start at the inn, regardless the maximum values. Unfortunately, I don't have a save game to illustrate, and after going back two more times to duplicate, the problem didn't show up.

Edit - Third time's the charm? Since I'm not sure where screen shots are saved, here's a save game I've managed to get, displaying the bug. At the KTI, day 1, haven't even left for the first time yet.

Edit of the Edit - How do I upload a save game? The one I want is agsave.003, but it tells me the extension isn't allowed.

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