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 Post subject: Random Quest for Glory musings go here
PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:47 am 
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Salt's opinions on various saurii:

Saurus: very popular brand, mostly due to the great color variety, red for those wanting to impress, green for those wanting an enviromentally friendly saurus, and the ladies love the purple. Very good for differant terrains, from the forests of Spielburg to the Great Shapeirian Desert.

Saurus Rex: Not very fast, mostly for show, or to run over other drivers. SUV, the Saurus Unstopable Vehicle.

Terrorsaurus: A lovely little sporty model, for those wanting to exchange personal safety for pure speed. Great security, no garage needed in fact, just tie it up outside, vandals and thieves won't dare touch a Terrorsaurus.

Running Death: Commonly used in the wilderness to transverse the frontier, this is the one you want if you plan on stomping down roads where no road as gone before. Also handy for construction (or deconstruction) work.

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades 8o

 Post subject: Re: Random Quest for Glory musings go here
PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:27 pm 
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I've always liked the Magic User the best out of the three.

Mostly because he starts out so weak but can surpass the limits of the other two hero-types. In QFG1, he starts off with a dagger, a spell that gives his dagger a static sting, and a song on his lips.

With enough training, that spell can make his dagger flare up with powerful electricity, making that dagger stronger than the Fighter's sword.

He can buy a spell that causes a flicker of a flame to fly from his finger tips, giving a goblin a minor burn.

But with enough training, he fires powerful darts of flame, destroying trolls in as little as three spells.

He can fetch things from afar with enough concentration. He can unlock locks (and later open doors) with a wave of his hand. He can calm a giant saurus with a whispered spell. He can blind enemies with a gesture. He can detect arcane structures, both simple and complex, by using the power of his mind's eye

And this is just in the first game.

And he only gets stronger with each game. By the final game, he's capable of laying to rest every enemy while using magic to manipulate all circumstances to his advantage.

That zap spell of his makes his dagger stronger than the Fighter's sword. Although if the Fighter uses Zap, it's even more powerful, but I digress...

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