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Katta in the Alleys!
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Author:  crayauchtin [ Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Katta in the Alleys!

This is actually my second post, but I figure a slight introduction should be included before I get to my question....

Hi ya'll! My name is Graham (also, no, your cracker jokes are not any more original than they were by the time Sierra made theirs in KQ1!) I'm a huge fan of the King's Quest and Quest for Glory series (along with everyone else here I'm sure) -- actually, to be honest, I'm a fan of the high/epic fantasy genre in general but those games were my first exposure to it. It's kind of an addiction but the first step is admitting I have a problem so I'm sure I'll recover some day. AGDI has seriously made the best remakes that could have been made in all three of their games. Sadly, I have to play them on my parents "family PC" because I have a Mac and I haven't put Windows and Parallels on it yet, but I'll get there. Like...when I move out of my parents house... (soon, I hope!)

Anyways, I have a question, which did actually spur my registering on these forums (but I will stay even after you guys answer it, since I think you'll be great enablers for my problem! :P). I was wondering if anyone had/would make/would help make a list of the Katta in the alleyways in QfG2VGA?
There's a couple of reasons that I'm asking aside from my own dire need to know about everyone who populates these fantasy worlds I love so much, be they canon or fanon inhabitants (:P) -- I've been helping out as best as I can on the Quest for Glory Omnipedia and we've been making a list of Katta on the Katta page (as a placeholder while we make all the appropriate entries) and we have a section to list the unofficial Katta.... but I don't think any of us know their names or what they sell or anything about them off the top of our heads. :P Now we could run up and down every street in the remake but I thought it might be faster to check here first.
Thanks ya'll! :)

Author:  Erpy [ Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Katta in the Alleys!

If you want the exact location you'll still have to run down the alleyways twice (once for each system...some merchants are exclusive to the classic or the simplified alleyway layout), but I can give you the list. Note that none of the unofficial katta actually sells anything to the hero...most of the stuff they sell is either useless to him or nonsense articles:

- Tracheema: Sells hand-made moisturizer and body oil. Named after a friend of Britney who had making hand-made soap and oil as a side business.
- Liram: Sells jewelry for women. More or less based on Sarra from QFG5.
- Tarah: Sells shoes and boots suitable for running. Of course, real heroes don't run away from stuff.
- Shareem: Sells boots with spurs on the heels for drag races with saurii.
- Larisha: Sells large wallets suitable for carrying money and guarantees you'll feel lighter after buying one. Duh.
- Lira: Sells bottles of sunscreen.
- Tirak: Sells engagement rings. (a nod to QFG5)
- Sillah: Sells clothing and robes "fit for an emperor".
- Neko: Has outragous (for semi-realistic games like QFG) armor on order such as kung fu dresses, duck helms, and tiger suits. Blatant Secret of Mana reference. (neko means cat in japanese, btw)
- Kaleema: Has clothes suitable for savannah travel on order. A little nod to the new clothes the hero wears in QFG3.
- Sareena: Sells pots, just like Toshur.
- Kareem: Sells pottery.
- Tarim: Sells oils and skin-cream.
- Laree: Sells jewelry.
- Sashari: Sells pottery.
- Laram: Sells boots and wax to polish them.
- Sira: Sells giant purses that can hold up to 500 pieces of currency. An obvious reference to the Zelda games. (of course, your own coin purse can hold much more already)
- Sonee: Sells perfumes.
- Kasheem: Sell second-hand weaponry.
- Matak: Sells "beggar purses with hidden pockets", designed to always look empty.
- Sharim: Sells necklaces made from fool's iron. (a play on fool's gold...except the necklaces appear less valuable than they are)
- Kadash: Sells gold rings for sale that can be engraved with a personal message that appears when the metal is heated. An obvious play on Lord of the Rings.
- Mareek: Sells oil, made from desert snakes. (yeah, snake oil)


Author:  crayauchtin [ Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Katta in the Alleys!

Thanks Erpy!! That's perfect!! :)

Author:  DrJones [ Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Katta in the Alleys!

I helped a bit by starting a page about the Antwerp in the omnipedia. While looking for an image to accompany the page, I also found several other wikis with their own Antwerp and Quest for Glory related pages, so now I'm not sure if it's worth the time of writing again from scratch all those articles. :eek

Well, it was fun for two minutes. :p

Author:  crayauchtin [ Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Katta in the Alleys!

Just because there's pages on other Wikis doesn't mean that it wasn't helpful to put it on the QfG Omnipedia. There's a lot of overlap on Wikia, I've noticed, in many categories. That's not a bad thing, it sort of makes the information even more readily accessible. But, uhm, yeah definitely the QfG Omnipedia *does* need an antwerp page. Among many other things -- it's really just getting off the ground, so if you enjoyed it might as well keep it up!

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