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Powder of Burning
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Author:  hgaunt56 [ Mon May 17, 2010 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Powder of Burning

Hey all, I've been trying to finally play through Quest for Glory 2 for my first time and I seem to have a problem, I cannot get the powder of burning from Harik no matter what I do. I've talked to him countless times, talked to all the other merchants and NPCs and even restarted the game completely still to no avail. I read the other thread about this but none of those fixes worked.. :\ Please help! I wish I could use debug mode or something to just add it to my inventory. :cry Please help!


Doh.. I'm an idiot. I just realized you have to click yourself to "tell" Harik about the earth elemental, not "asking" him about it. I was confused about how that worked. I was just reading through some other posts with problems about the parser and then it hit me.. Sorry guys! Great game so far! :D

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