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Playing Quest for Glory 2 with a gamepad
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Author:  DrJones [ Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Playing Quest for Glory 2 with a gamepad

Hi! I'm using Xpadder to play Quest for Glory II Vga with my PS2 dual shock gamepad. That's not an easy task with a game with so many different controls, but with some hacks and tricks I was able to put everything in the 10 buttons the pad has to offer (actually, it has 12 buttons, but I prefer not to use the ones on the analog sticks).

I have one configuration file for Xpadder 5.1 (when the tool wasn't still commercial) that seems to work in XP, but I don't know if it would work on Vista/Windows 7. I'll see later if I can upload it somewhere, as the forum boards no longer allow to upload attachments. For the moment, here's a description of what each button does, so that you can build one profile yourself:
1. Digital directions: Numeric Pad keys 8, 2, 4 and 6. (the order in these lists is always up, down, left, right). Moves in-game and move/parry in battle mode.
2. Left Analog Stick: Mouse controls up, down, left, right.
3. Right Analog Stick: Numeric Pad keys 9, 7, 1, and 3. (this way, up is fast attack, down is slow attack, and left right are the correct avoiding moves)

4. "Start" Button: Esc. (skips cutscenes and escape from battles)
5. "Select" Button: Does Ctrl + T for 0.2 seconds, then A. In-game shows the time of the day, in battle the wizard throws Force Bolt. Sacrificing the "time of the day" part, the wizard gains the option of keeping pressed Select for the powered-up Force-bolt version.

6. L2 and R2 Buttons: L2 = F5 + Q. R2 = F7. Saving and Restoring the game. Very, very handy. Because you cannot save in the middle of a battle, L2 can also be used for the thief to throw knives.
7. L1 Button: L1 = Space + Num. Pad 5. That way you have space/enter for Issur and for recovering topics in parser mode, and also allows you to kick jackalmen in battle.
8. R1 Button: Does a middle-button click and presses E. This allow you to mount the saurus in battle and doing the "special" attacks/counterattacks, and in-game has the very, very handy ability of turning your cursor in the walk cursor until you press the R1 button again. Allows you to play the game smoothly and forget about the digital direction pad.

9. "Circle" button: Left mouse click. Handy in-game to click on everything, but opens the battle assistant in-combat. This is why I use this set of buttons for spells rather than attacks. It substract points at character creation instead of adding them.
10. "Cross" button: Right mouse click + D key. In-game rotates the cursor to get access to all other actions (except running/sneaking), cancels and skips some text, and in character creation adds points to skills. In battle the mage casts fire dart and can be kept pressed for the powered-up version.
11. "Triangle" button: Ctrl + R for 0.2 seconds, then W. Opens the Map (with the only problem that if you don't have it, the "you don't have the map" message goes away instantly), in battle, allows the mage to cast Zap on himself.
12. "Square" button: Ctrl + S for 0.2 seconds, then S. Opens the status GUI and in battle casts Razzle Dazzle.

Game Actions that cannot be done with the pad with this configuration:
Exit the game (thankfully!), view the inventory in SCI form (rather useless), recast a non-target spell (mostly used for grinding those spells and casting calm on the desert), opening the Help GUI, taking a screenshot, looking at the game's version, showing the help, opening any cheating GUI, restart the game, displaying the compass, pressing ENTER on challenge GUIs (though this one might be added if really needed).

Game Actions that cannot be done (as they don't have hotkeys assigned):
Showing the inventory GUI that really matters, fast access to the magic or special actions GUI, fast access to the main GUI on the top of the screen. Access to the game options GUI.

Author:  pbpb33 [ Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Playing Quest for Glory 2 with a gamepad

You should post a video on YouTube of you using the game controller to play QFG2!

Author:  DrJones [ Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Playing Quest for Glory 2 with a gamepad

I've to ask a friend to lend me his USB Xbox controller so that I can configure it too for playing Quest for Glory 2. I'm busy these days, but in a few weeks will have time again for this project. I'll also look a place where I can upload the configuration files to make the use easier.

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