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Replay considerations?
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Author:  Ajanhuiri [ Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Replay considerations?

I had a very thorough first play-through as a thief. While the character was a hybrid, I stayed fairly true to the thief storyline. I murdered the griffin, broke into houses, etc. I also obtained the blue frog and beat the pizza elemental, all with full puzzle points.

The problem now is that in consideration of playing through with other characters I don't know which thematic elements are absent. Erpy was good enough to point-out that all break-ins are paladin disqualifiers. This is too bad, as certain break-in houses are optimal environments for raising certain statistics (but not the only ones).

Of course, now that blue frog can be enabled, it's like being left alone with iced bucket of your favorite beer and being told not to drink it. One discovery I've already encountered: blue frog mode includes a subroutine to reduce accentuated statistics (i.e. 999 HP) back to 200 limits when facing the pizza elemental (PE) in the normal storyline. It provides a bonus challenge to the game. Since there isn't a correction for weight, when you're suddenly on the melee screen against PE and your statistics are automatically reduced - so does your carrying capacity; if you've become accustomed to carrying everything because your character is so strong - you're overweight! You must deal with a faster depletion of stamina - and possibly health. Interestingly, certain hits, such as falling pizzas, only take 7 hp hits over that of 12 found during non-blue-frog-mode play.

Character exportation seems to be fine, as anything super-maxed resets to 200 for the export.

I will state that I don't miss the stat-raising exercises with Uhura, trees, nose-picks and blind casting. However, I do want to end up with usable heroes. 8o

Author:  questinluddy [ Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Replay considerations?

I'm on Day 9 with my Fighter hybrid (he's doing all the magic and theivery stuff too). I hadn't realized that this disqualified me from becoming a Paladin.

So.....does it matter? When I start QfG III, will it be possible to import the character as a Paladin? Is there a hack or a way around?

Author:  Erpy [ Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Replay considerations?

Well, stealing and stuff IS quite dishonorable and can't be compensated by buying a 100 flowers and giving them to one of the ladies. If you're a fighter, you can still become a paladin in QFG3. (I believe you can change class on import, but frankly it's quite difficult to avoid becoming a paladin as a fighter in QFG3 unless you go out of your way to be a prick to people)


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