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Judgment Time
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Author:  Cocoon [ Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Judgment Time

Overall i've really enjoyed this well crafted remake, a very good game but...
...but is far from perfection:
First of all in the first city you have 16 days with no really much to do, i've spent most of the time in the desert fighting random enemies....and here come the second flaw..
*spoiler* in the second city using a mage there isnt a single combat! I've spent days training and there isnt a combat at all! And what about the fighting saurus ? You can avoid that part entirely!
The last flaw is the arm wresting minigame, just horrible.

By the way i liked the new combat system, is tricky in the beginning but gives great satisfaction on the long run, is a shame you dont use it in the final part of the game. Now im curios to see the QfG3 combat system.

Thats all, waiting for your next game ;)

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