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A Quick Note About Importing Characters
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Author:  arete17 [ Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  A Quick Note About Importing Characters

Hi all,

New to the forums (and AGDI, in general), but familiar with Sierra (like, woah).

I had some trouble importing my Quest for Glory 1 VGA character, since I was playing QFG1 in DOSbox. Just a quick note:

Let's say you've put your QFG1 directory at C:\games\sierra\qfg1, and you've just completed QFG1. Let's also say that you've been playing the game via DOSbox. You're going to get to get to an option to save your character, and it may not be easy. Here's what I recommend (if you plan on using the character in later Quests...)

1. When you first open DOSbox, mount "c" to whichever directory contains scidhuv.exe. In my example, scidhuv.exe is located in c c:\games\sierra\qfg1, so the first thing I type in DOSbox is 'mount c c:\games\sierra\qfg1'

2. Once you've completed the game, and it requests a location to save the file, note that the game's "c:" is your c:\games\sierra\qfg1 [or whatever directory you've used instead], and that whatever follows a "\" will be the file name

3. Thus, if you want the filename to be "IMPORT" you should type into the text box "C:\IMPORT"

4. Complete the game and close the window

5. Go to the directory where scidhuv.exe is stored, and find the file you've just created (e.g., IMPORT).

6. Copy the file, and paste it one directory up (e.g., c:\games\sierra). This is ONLY to ensure that you keep the original in case of a mistake.

7. Right click this file, click "properties", and rename the file to add .sav to the end.

8. Move the file to your new Quest for Glory II (or III or IV) directory, and import your hero.


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