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easter eggs and romances
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Author:  inflikkt [ Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  easter eggs and romances

is there some kind of thread describing all the differences/adons/easter eggs etc?

i have played thru this vga version several times now since its release long ago and on my current replay (fighter+magic) i got to wondering what i've missed...

i know you can take the moneychanger flirting a bit further but what else can you do? did i hear you can take the aziza relationship further too? i wonder all that i've missed. this is such a great remake i want to experience all that u guys put into it.

i love qfg and i'm so excited to see that people are finally bringing back the best gameplay dynamic ever conceived that was invented by the coles so long ago. heroine's quest was great and i'm stoked for quest for infamy too... and of course, your oncoming mage's initiation. :D from the demos, i really think mage's initiation is going to be the best of those three. the action/gameplay was so fun in the short simple demo you offer of it. while i was not a backer i cannot wait to purchase the final product.

cheers to qfg and great game making (: you guys rock

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