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Screen freezes when loading game
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Author:  Scorciad [ Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  Screen freezes when loading game

Basically, I start the game, the first screen pops up, then nothing happens. It's stuck on that screen. BUT, when I click with the mouse, it acts as though it went to the disclaimer screen, and I can hear the AGD video music play, even though I can only see the loading screen. If I click again, then I go to the menu, and I can even start the game, but I can't see any of it. Just the loading screen. No error box shows or anything, so it's acting like there's nothing wrong, but the screen isn't moving on.
Does anyone know what's going on? I looked for answers on the forum, but didn't find anything. Sorry if this has already been answered, and if you would point me to the forum if that's the case, then I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks everyone.

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