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Finished With 208 Points
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Author:  phillips [ Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Finished With 208 Points

I finished with 208 points. After I looked through the threads, I found out about the letter. I restored one of my saved games to see how many points that would have given me. It was only worth 1 point which means that I would have gotten 209 points. I don't know what I could have missed. I saved Medusa, got the fish from the seagull, spied on the bandits in the tavern, and I casted all the spells. I got two awards, Molasses and I forget what the other one was. My play time was 13 hours and I forget how many minutes. Overall I enjoyed the game, and I wished that I would be able to play your version of King's Quest IV. I would have liked to have seen what became of the Father.

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