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Thanks and thoughts
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Author:  VondeVon [ Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Thanks and thoughts

First of all: THANK YOU! :D Not only is this another impressive remake of a wonderfully nostalgic game, but it also had enough emotional punch to make me tear up!

The bit when Alexander found the book and read it... I mean, I'd played the old game and I'd heard the hint that there had been others in his situation but never had it hit so hard as when I read that book. I think it was because he got *so close*. Aww man, I'm getting weepy just thinking about it. :cry

I loved the new puzzles, they helped slow me down (and better appreciate/get immersed in the game) and prevented a speed-run. I'm not sure what your stats are like in regards to newcomers vs oldtimers, but there were some parts of the game that I felt relied upon people already knowing what to do. For example, the key on the wardrobe (I actually thought you had removed it, as I had trouble finding it - ditto the map), medusa, the cookie in the porridge. Though, to be fair, the original game had the same 'learn by failing first' design.

I really enjoyed the 'random teleportation' tactic for the yeti. :D It seemed an instinctual solution.

I had a lot of leftover items towards the end which made me feel like I might be missing out on something simply because I knew the core game mechanic too well - I had blinded myself to other paths. For example, the fisherman on the dock went undisturbed, the rotten fish was not needed, the eagle took some meat and insulted me but I didn't try to do more...

Getting to the end and seeing those achievements made me think 'WOW, I missed so much!'. I was looking forward to replaying the game to get the rest... until it occured to me that I had no idea how to go about getting the achievements. They didn't have any sort of description. Some names were self-evident like 'perfectionisim' or 'pacifist' (presumably won by NOT attempting to knife people?) but others, including some I won, were just 'Bwah?'.

Some things you did added some fantastic depth to the game. The barmaid talking about her family and the other boy who used to come in and play the lute. The extra buildings. The slightly creepy family relationship between the bears. It would have been nice to see some extra people, though - even just mutes airing linen from a window, or the shopkeep talking about other people we don't see.

Am I alone when I say I spent ages trying to work out how to use the ever-lasting jug of water to cross the desert? :D Or felt cheated when it was dropped and smashed the instant its only use was completed? Alexander, you darn butterfingers. It's a wonder you didn't drop that magic orb into the ocean or something. :)

I loved the foreshadowing of the future and can only hope to one day see your special touch on KQ4. In a way, it'll be complete circle! :D

Thank you! You've got a fan for life!

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