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 Post subject: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New features)
PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 1:40 pm 
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8 May 2011:

King's Quest III Redux (Version 1.1) has been released for both PC and Mac!

You can download the latest versions from the King's Quest III Redux page on the AGDI website.

Important: Remember to uninstall any previous versions of King's Quest III Redux from your system prior to installing version 1.1. Save-game files are, unfortunately, not compatible between different game versions.

In this updated build, we've addressed the large majority of bugs that have been reported to us on the forums since the game's initial release. We have also implemented some of the better/more useful feature requests that have been suggested along the way.

Hope you like the improvements and fixes!


-Fixed: the 0xc0000005 Program Pointer crash when attempting to click the restore game button
-Fixed: Disabled being able to right-click/mousewheel through icons on the Title & Awards screens
-Fixed: Middle-Clicking now defaults to Look mode if the last cursor was an inventory item that got used
-Fixed: being able to press F1, F5, F9, and TAB on the title screen.
-Fixed: music volume spiking during screen changes during the introduction sequence
-Fixed: a bug that prevented the cat & fly event from occurring if entering the tower with forbidden items
-Fixed: an oversight that prevented the cat & fly event from occurring if the cat was in the upper hallway
-Fixed: getting stuck in a non-walkable area if the eagle/fly spell expires where the stream meets the sea
-Fixed: a bug where Smaude's stone was unobtainable after re-entering her lair after helping her
-Fixed: a freeze when opening the trapdoor while the cat was occupying that space
-Fixed: The lever sequence in Manannan's study is now reset every time you exit the lever close-up screen
-Fixed: Bedside candle in Manannan's room was using the wrong speech audio line
-Fixed: a crash that occurred after saving Rosella, entering the stairs, and then returning to Cloudland
-Fixed: Made both Alexander and the yeti disappear behind the yeti's cave entrance when entering
-Fixed: an inconsistency where the cabinet door could automatically close after replacing the magic wand
-Fixed: a crash if Manannan tried to appear at the same time the 3 Behrs were leaving their house
-Fixed: a series of glitches after transforming from an eagle to a human in the cave/spider web screen
-Fixed: a glitch where Alexander's feet would remain wading in water after collecting a spoon of mud
-Fixed: Throwing the dagger while standing in the river causing Alexander's feet to remain wading in water
-Fixed: Points not being awarded for plucking cat fur after the Understanding Creatures spell is made
-Fixed: a bug that allowed you to acquire multiple brooms in the pirate ship
-Fixed: The Inventory GUI's Hand cursor no longer has yellow arrows while climbing ship ladders
-Fixed: The mice will no longer be able to run around the pirate ship after using the Sleep Spell
-Fixed: walk-behind mask issues when using the Magic Stone to teleport to the cargo hold & upper deck
-Fixed: a bug where Rosella could walk in the sky in cloudland
-Fixed: Made save-game text descriptions get automatically truncated to fit inside the GUI listbox
-Fixed: You can now see how many points you acquired in the endgame awards screen with "Speech Only" mode
-Added: a new inventory item containing a list of spell ingredients needing to be found
-Added: a fair warning in the bandits' treehouse exterior if there is a bandit awake inside
-Added: Pressing F6 in-game will now list which Awards are still locked
-Added: a new dragon dying animation
-Added: Mouse wheel functionality to scroll the save-game list on the Save, Replace, and Restore GUIs
-Added: the ability to use the cup inventory item to measure the nightshade juice into the bowl
-Added: a new message when waiting too long on the pirate ship while the pirates are still awake
-Added: the ability to close Manannan's trapdoor by clicking the Hand icon on it
-Added: several new narrator messages & speech for different situations/puzzles
-Added: Alexander's laughter when kicking the cat
-Added: a fly inventory item which the player must manually remove the wings from
-Added: a message for casting the Storm Brew spell in the screen with the hole in the rock
-Changed: Reduced the amount of time animals take to reply to each other with the Understanding Creatures spell
-Changed: the cat can no longer move past the player when changing rooms inside the mansion
-Changed: The eagle now triggers the spider cutscene as soon as it touches the web
-Changed: the counter that determines whether the treehouse bandit is asleep will never be reset
-Changed: the Look description for the book in Seran's puzzle, to make it more intuitive
-Changed: the way the magical green orb douses the fire to prevent it 'bouncing' around the screen

 Post subject: Re: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New featu
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 4:02 am 
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Awesome! Thank you so much for this awesome game and continued support

I want to point out, though, that the link ... nload.html you posted says that the version for download is 1.0. According to the file name it's the correct (1.1) file, just the page needs to be corrected

*Many* thanks!

 Post subject: Re: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New featu
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 2:42 pm 
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I was lucky enough to not run into much of any of these bugs when playing 1.0, but thanks! Just finished playing 1.1 and it really is a great game :D

 Post subject: Re: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New featu
PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:50 pm 
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You rule

 Post subject: Re: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New featu
PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:52 pm 
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Yall should do the original Hero's Quest

 Post subject: Re: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New featu
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:02 am 
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There is a bug which is in both versions...

If you are locked in your room by Manny and escape by teleportation or fly spell.
***until you spend out the required time in the room (when the clock will become 'unstuck'), you can enter and leave the 'locked' room (door is closed but not locked)
******Manny will not move on [he will ignore illegal items and behavior (except leaving the mountain by foot and visiting his lab by walking down the stairs) and forget to check on you - seem to be stuck on one task if he is visible or does not appear if invisible]
*********unless he give you a punishment for disturbing him (if he is visible)... then the 'clock becomes unstuck'
******You can teleport to the lab... and then walk up the stairs or teleport out.
******You can use the fly spell to get to Llewedor from the romm by using the shortcut off the mountain
******You can spend as much time as you want in Llewedor and walk back up the mountain to the mansion
******If Manny is asleep (you got the punishment from walking him up) you can disturb him as much as you want
When the cat is kicked here it does not move after it lands but may appear in other rooms...
If Manny moves on he will kill you for abusing the cat...

... The ranks of the environmental movement present the impression that they will unreservedly do anything and everything to save the biosphere, except study its science to discover how it works! ...

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 Post subject: Re: King's Quest III Redux v1.1 Released! (Fixes & New featu
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:42 am 
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kirkepc wrote:
I run the application without any bugs.

Signature spambot?

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