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KQ3R Complete Fan Soundtrack
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Author:  goatmeal [ Sat Jun 07, 2014 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  KQ3R Complete Fan Soundtrack

I've had these done for quite some time; now that I have access to a file-sharing service... ... sp=sharing

Attached is a link to the Complete Fan Soundtrack for "King's Quest III Redux: To Heir Is Human."

While Brandon Blume (composer for KQ3R) has unfortunately lost the original master files for the game's soundtrack, he kindly provided the lossy files from the game's music pack back in 2012.

To make up for this loss, Brandon intends on releasing a Special Edition of the KQ3R soundtrack, but this might take a while since he's the composer for Himalaya Studios's newest game, "Mages Initiation." Until that time, this meager offering will hopefully suffice for a workable 'complete' soundtrack.

All looping tracks have been edited so there is a 10-second fade-out at the beginning of the second loop.

The vocal version of Alexander singing in the Tavern was recorded using SoundBlaster's "What You Hear" Audio Card option; while that's certainly not the optimum choice, it suffices for this fan soundtrack. Also, the AGD Interactive Logo music was also recorded using SoundBlaster's "What You Hear" Audio Card option.

The following individual tracks have been combined as heard in-game:
– Music010 Manannan's Jingle + Music008 Manannan's Theme
– Music012 Falling Death (Part 1) + Music013 Falling Death (Part 2)
– Music900 Bandit's Jingle + Music090 Bandits Give Chase
– Music147 Glowing Orb + Music150 Daventry Restoration

I couldn't determine if the last three tracks were used in the game; if so, despite numerous game-plays I couldn't figure out how to trigger them. They are included here for sake of completeness.

* * * * * * * * * *

Many, many thanks to:

(1) Brandon Blume ("Musically Inspired") for not only providing the tracks from the original AGS music pack for the AGS file, but ensuring that they were titled as well.

(2) Tom Lewandowski for the opening and closing tracks, along with the original "Door Of Destiny" track from KQ2+VGA to which Alexander plays and sings in the Tavern.

(3) AGDI for "re-"making such a terrific game.

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