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All Games Cropped On Right In Fullscreen
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Author:  basis [ Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  All Games Cropped On Right In Fullscreen

I am using a GPD Pocket at 1920x1200 on Win10 with 200 scaling (so I can read the 7" display). I have tried all the AGD games and they are all cropped on the right side. I can move the mouse over to the blacked out area and click around (allows me to exit games and such).

I've tried what seems to be every option in the launcher settings. I'm using direct draw 5 (direct3d 9 shows no graphics at all). I've tried all the filters (ex 2x2 scaling, etc.), side borders, letterbox, etc. If I go in windowed mode it shows the full game (windowed).

Any suggestions on how to get full screen working?


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