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Personal Thoughts on Lolotte and Edgar IF KQ4 were remade
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Author:  Jayfeather [ Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Personal Thoughts on Lolotte and Edgar IF KQ4 were remade

Lolotte does not seem to me to be the type who would be "The Father's loyal servant." Part of his circle, yes, but very likely a greater threat to him then even Graham. I imagine her plotting behind his back gain power for herself. What are her plans for the unicorn, the hen and most importantly Pandora's Box? If she were capable of harnessing its power using the talisman and unicorn. (Having Rosella take the golden hen seems likely more of punitive measure against the Ogres then something she actually has a use for.)

Here relationship with Edgar, I think would be a Passive-aggressive type of abusive one, certainly willing to use him a pawn in her schemes like she does Rosella. I wouldn't mind seeing the ending reworked in some way, Revealing what her plan is with Rosella and Edgar having to work together to stop her.

And then there's that raven, easily forgotten but known to fly by from time to time "Spying" on Rosella. A idea I had was a curse which prevented Lolotte from leaving the castle, but the raven is able to do some of her dirty work for her, like spying, and stealing the talisman from Genesta. This would explain why Lolotte hasn't sought to obtain Pandora's Box herself. Perhaps Edgar has been sent and failed (maybe purposefully) to get her the Unicorn or Pandora's Box and has suffered for it.

Author:  rollercoasternd [ Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Thoughts on Lolotte and Edgar IF KQ4 were remad

Oh I really like that. Very creative.

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