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 Post subject: Question about writing a story
PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:49 am 
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I came up with this game plot: You start out in an animal body. However, you know that you are not an animal and are: in fact, human. You notice that you are wearing a badge but you are a quadruped and the badge is in a spot you cannot reach it with your mouth. So, you start the game trying to find a way to remove the badge. When you finally get another to remove the badge for you, you switch bodies. This means you play as a different animal for a while. As the game progresses, you learn how to remove the badge yourself (if you can do so in that body) but you cannot remain outside of a body. Therefore, you attach the badge to other animals to take that form. Each form comes with new capabilities but also opens you to new dangers.

During the game, you discover that there are other people who are also trapped in animal bodies due to these badges and none of them know the full story about how or why it happened. You mission: find your true body, discover how to deactivate all the badges to save everyone, and discover who's doing this and for what purpose.

Anyway, I've decided to start writing on my own. Here's the deal: I've gotten it to where you've been captured and are on a plane transporting you elsewhere along with a lot of other illegally captured animals. However, you find you are able to remove your badge. Thing is this: the animals are going to different continents of the world. Thinking about how a game can practically be made in AGS would you recommend that you can pick and choose which animal you switch with and go that that continent and play through the entire game there and what game you play depends on which animal you choose? Or would it be better that it's like a "Mega Man" game where you have to go to each continent to win but can decide what order you want? Or would it be better to not allow a choice of which continent you go to and just have the game have a primarily single solid story line?

Furthermore, I was wondering: would it be better to have a single unified game spanning all the lands you visit or would it be better to have a series of games focusing on each different land you visit?

Please understand, I'm not asking for ideas for a plot. I just want to know what would be the best path to choose so I can continue writing the story.

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