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What's Your Favourite Quest For Glory Game?
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Author:  Dragonfang [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What's Your Favourite Quest For Glory Game?

It goes like this, from most favorite to least: 4, 2, 1, 5, 3

QFG1: The very first CRPG I ever played! Well sort of. It's actually a Adventure/RPG, but who cares, it's a great game. I love how you start as a nobody with little equipment, money, skills and have to work very hard to become not only a veteran, but a hero.

QFG2: This one was very balanced, there was something great for all 3 classes: the EOF test, the WIT test, 3 robberies! Plus 3 different ways to beat the antagonist depending on your class. And the Paladin class was a great bonus.

QFG3: I think this one has the must original setting: Ancient Egypt and Africa. When someone first told me there was some pyramids in the game, I thought my thief was going to rob them clean! Well, no such luck. Despite some improvements in art, animation, I found the third to be too short and not developed enough.

QFG4: Great dark, creepy atmosphere that set the mood of the game. I love how everyone were suspicious of me and I have to prove myself to them. Not only their opinions changed during the course of the game, but they thanked and praised me at the end ceremony! How great is that?

QFG5: The beautiful 3D opening revealed the antagonist. So much for surprise, there was no plot twist there. I like the music and the new RPG system, but the other aspects of the game just felt neglected. The ending just didn't measure up to the other games. If only we got an epilogue of the hero and his friends.

Author:  The Phlegm Master [ Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What's Your Favourite Quest For Glory Game?

Before the new remake of QG2, it was Shadows of Darkness.

I think the fourth game still is the #1 for me, but we'll have to see as I play the new remake more (completed it once already, as a magic user)... The plotting and characterization in #4 (not forgetting the wonderful art, music, and voice acting) make it my favorite.

Here's the ranking:

1) QG4
2) QG2 (VGA)
3) QG2 (EGA)
4) QG1 (EGA)
5) QG5
6) QG1 (VGA)
7) QG3

Not that #3 was all that bad, just too short and too focused on the fighter and paladin classes. And the villains were actually kinda lame, compared to even the not-so-impressive big bad of QG5. I expected the demons to be quite a bit more menacing than just some floating head making threats and an easily defeated wizard type with a melted looking mouth. And some dumb gorilla types. Funny BTW how you can defeat a fricking demon in #3, but lose automatically to a couple of goon guards, a physically weaker ogre subspecies, in QG4. Those two must have been the goon equivalents of The Hero or something...

Author:  Asrai [ Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What's Your Favourite Quest For Glory Game?

QG4 will always be my favorite, hands down. I love the atmosphere, characters, and the narration. Plus it depicts a forested landscape in early fall so well, that's my favorite place to be during my favorite season. (You have no idea how sick I am of tropical heat and air that smells like exhaust fumes and stinky tofu {the actual name of a Fear Factor worthy dish here}!)

For a long time I would've said that QG1 VGA was my second favorite. My sister was playing some game that she had borrowed from her boyfriend, the first thing that I saw was Erana's Peace, and I was hooked. Still my favorite single location in the series.

But now the remake of QG2 is out and it's so much more awesome than the already awesome QG2 EGA... I'm so torn!

So the list now reads:
1. QG4
2. QG1 VGA / QG2 VGA I can't pick!
3. QG5
4. QG3

I adore the whole series, so although QG3 falls at the bottom of the list I still love it.

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