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 Post subject: QFG2VGA Release Party! Chat Transcript
PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:23 am 
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Abbreviated transcript of the fan gathering for the release countdown at #agdi on efnet.

<oughtobe> T-MINUS 1 MINUTE
<MusicHead> 23:59:32
<Arganite> well its 4:58pm on Monday where I am
<Fenrus_ox> I want my money back
<oughtobe> T-MINUS 20 SECONDS
<oughtobe> T-MINUS 10 SECONDS
<Fenrus_ox> how do I contact AGDI customer service...
<oughtobe> they missed it
<oughtobe> I really thought they would make it...
<JohnWWell> IT is still 11:59 by the Wells clock.
<oughtobe> even the room says 12am
<PoopsyMuf> 12:01 by my clock
<JohnWWell> Nope, now it's 12:00 by my clock.
<Kloreep> 12:00 by my clock
<oughtobe> hey Erpy, have you talked to eriq? or do you know whats going on?
<Erpy> We're very close.
<darthcirc> its here!!!!
<PoopsyMuf> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
<mrmurphy> !!!!
<PoopsyMuf> image
<Gurok> It's up.
<JackSawyr> HAh
<JackSawyr> website up
<Fenrus_ox> Sites up!
<PoopsyMuf> lol
<Sierra-X> !!!!!!!!!
<RC-Cola> OH MY WORD!!
<RC-Cola> YAYY
<Gurok> Link is hard to find.
<Kloreep> No download
<tunatowni> HELL YEA
<oughtobe> what?
<Fenrus_ox> Well.. sorta
<Kloreep> But it's changed
* RC-Cola clicks everywhere
<oughtobe> where?
<JackSawyr> not yet at least
<PoopsyMuf> ahahaa
<JackSawyr> HAH
<mrmurphy> Kinda here
<Gurok> Just keep looking.
<Twolfe> its not 25 yet
<JackSawyr> kenw they were working on it
<Fenrus_ox> it's ALMOST up!
<JackSawyr> the board has been disabled
<Gurok> I found it, it's in the brown part.
<Sierra-X> sooo close
<Kloreep> Haha, maybe that's it RC-Cola
<PoopsyMuf> F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5
<Fenrus_ox> Restart apache!
<JackSawyr> "The board has been locked down to keep things managable for us while we concentrate on tying up the release. We'll be back soon. Thanks for your understanding"
<JackSawyr> heh
<JackSawyr> now you wackos can keep refreshing your browsers
<JackSawyr> :P
<PoopsyMuf> I'm refreshing at the speed of light
<lbob> fancy new site!
<Spielman> I did a view source on the html code and there is no link as of yet.
<MusicHead> OMG NEW SITE!!!!!
<MusicHead> GO LOOK!
<MusicHead> NOW
<MusicHead> !!!
<oughtobe> oh i found it
<MusicHead> !
<MusicHead> YES!
<RC-Cola> MusicHead: yea that was so 2 minutes ago
<Twolfe> goddamn i hate that music now
<darthcirc> anyone else having troubles with the last pic?
<JackSawyr> yewah
<Fenrus_ox> yes
<Blackthor> Oh, they did it.
<JackSawyr> and they shut down the forums briefly
<Blackthor> haha
<MusicHead> i am
<JackSawyr> it wont be long now
<Fenrus_ox> site is not fully up yet
<JackSawyr> so relax
<JackSawyr> :D
<PoopsyMuf> f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5
<mrmurphy> They did what, BT?
<oughtobe> where do you click?
<Blackthor> They changed the site.
<User60> I can see the head.
<PoopsyMuf> click the f5 button
<RC-Cola> oughtobe: it's in the corner
<Fenrus_ox> We will tell you when you are older
<PoopsyMuf> oh shit it's coming feet first
<November> Oh, thanks, Sierra.
<Relight> the splash page is gorgeous
<oughtobe> go to that
<oughtobe> and you can hear some cool music
<tunatowni> if we f5 like crazy wont we kill the bandwitdth
<tunatowni> before we can even download it?
<Twolfe> nah
<PoopsyMuf> no, f5 only makes things quicker
<oughtobe> thats all i got so far
<RC-Cola> iz dat sum..
<PoopsyMuf> QUICKER
<Rocier> ...
<bonertown> i can tastes it
<oughtobe> a new splash screen
<hypn> tunatowni: there are about 20 different mirrors, for the download ;)
<Twolfe> agdi has a microsoft vista server
<Fenrus_ox> dowloads are probably on remote mirrors anyway
<oughtobe> and that new music
<Twolfe> so it will be fine
<Kloreep> F5 shouldn't pull much bandwidth if there's nothing new
<RC-Cola> oh lawd, iz dat sum saurus-on-a-stick??
<Gurok> SHIFT+F5 does. SHIFT+F5!
<mrmurphy> A microsoft vista server doesn't need you to spam it to crash it.
<Relight> It won't take any bandwidth from the downloads because the downloads are all on mirrors.
<tunatowni> what?!?!
<tunatowni> dont tell me agdi is on vista
<tunatowni> i thot sane people used linux or atleast 2003
<PoopsyMuf> guys, if you press alt-f4 you'll automatically start downloading it!
<Rocier> This page has nothing on it!
<Twolfe> duh
<darthcirc> vista server is way faster
<Gurok> LOL if they list Vista as a minimum requirement.
<tunatowni> alt-f4? no its contrl-alt-delete
<darthcirc> server is very stripped down
<Kloreep> Hey, I can see the credits now!
<tunatowni> no no wait its actually the power button on the computer right?
<Relight> ooh copyright info appeared!
<oughtobe> did you find the download?
<Gurok> CTRL+ALT+DEL hasn't worked since DOS.
<Sierra-X> (that's ctrl-alt-backspace for you linuxers)
<RC-Cola> we get to watch the website being built
<hypn> have to leave for work in 20 mins :|
<Twolfe> ctrl alt back just resets x
<Gurok> Call in sick.
<Twolfe> so no
<tunatowni> ctrl alt del worked in win95 and 98 if you pressed it twice
<Arganite> new website!
<PoopsyMuf> oh boy oh boy
<Blackthor> Well, time for bed for me.
<Gurok> Who's going to press it twice?
<Rocier> Did they just put this empty site up to say they "met the deadline?"
<Arganite> shit shit, almost here!
<hypn> lol Blackthor
<Fenrus_ox> Ah!
<oughtobe> reloading
<tunatowni> yea im out
<oughtobe> and clicking
<PoopsyMuf> reloading...
<Fenrus_ox> loading all pics now, but still no links!
<oughtobe> reloading and clicking....
<oughtobe> reloading and clicking....
<Kloreep> Rocier: I would think not. They were a little late even for that if so. I'd guess they're simply ready.
<PoopsyMuf> ...
<oughtobe> we got some writing at the bottom
<oughtobe> but nothing yet
<hypn> :D
<tunatowni> i found it!
<PoopsyMuf> thanks for the update, oughtobe
<tunatowni> ... taller.exe
<Blackthor> It'll be up. They've got a lot of mirrors.
<PoopsyMuf> ...
<Kloreep> Seriously tunatowni?
<Kloreep> Let's not use it though
<Raa> :P
<Gurok> Every time we get an update, Eriq just pressed CTRL+S.
<tunatowni> no
<Nobara> It's up!
<tunatowni> not at all
<Fenrus_ox> Lies!
<RC-Cola> HAHA
<RC-Cola> no download links available
<PoopsyMuf> oh crap on a stick
<RC-Cola> shit is fuuhhhh-neee
<oughtobe> what?
<Spielman> It's there!!!!
<JackSawyr> jeez you people are crazy :P
<oughtobe> i got to the download screen
<oughtobe> are you guys there?
<Rocier> i hear musak
<hypn> ... loads.html
<oughtobe> i got to the download screen
<Relight> music!!
<darthcirc> ooohh!
<Sierra-X> No download links available
<darthcirc> new music
<Sierra-X> NO!!!!!
<Raa> Didnt work1
<JohnWWell> Such a tease.
<oughtobe> oh wait
<oughtobe> i think its loading
<Spielman> Woot here it comes!
<Fenrus_ox> people are cruel
<Raa> Shit it DID work
<Relight> download link is there!
<Spielman> I'm downloading the mofo!
* RC-Cola checks out Aziza's boobs while he waits
<mib_fxgft> WOOT! DOWNLOAD!
<JohnWWell> Hey, there's an art contest.
<Nobara> Wooooo!
<Raa> it works!!
<oughtobe> WOOHO
<oughtobe> WOOOHOOOO
<oughtobe> DOWNLOADING
<badmonkey> just got back
<Arganite> YES
<badmonkey> what'd i miss
<User60> 30 min remaining
<oughtobe> ok
<Twolfe> 85 mb
<RC-Cola> there it goes!!!!
<tunatowni> i cant even get it loaded
<Kloreep> Yay, downloading!
<RC-Cola> HAHA
<Rocier> 85 megs?
<PoopsyMuf> 8 minutes...
<mib_fxgft> 85 mb ftw!!
<oughtobe> 20% done
<Raa> 4 mins to go
<Rocier> DONE!
<hypn> :P
<Gurok> 6 minutes.
<Rocier> fast!
<oughtobe> 25% DONE
<oughtobe> fast download
<Spielman> Get Cable...4 minutes remaining :)
<darthcirc> woot
<Raa> 300k/sec? Thats IT!?
<darthcirc> got it goin
<Arganite> 13% DONE
<Erasmus> 1 mb/s here
<darthcirc> decent speed even for my connection
<Erasmus> great mirrors
<JackSawyr> the grapihcs are fabulous
<oughtobe> 50% done
<hypn> yup
<Fenrus_ox> wow, the site looks great
<RC-Cola> alright
<JohnWWell> Got it!
<hypn> VERY well doen game :)
<JohnWWell> Time to go!
<JohnWWell> See y'all!
<Rocier> 85 megs seems small
<November> hahhaha okay, I'm laughing. The link comes out, people are downloading and someone bitches about 300KB/sec.
<November> That made my night.
<Erasmus> yea 300 kb/s is great
<Arganite> Only 20% so far :(
<RC-Cola> pleasure chatting with you, maybe we'll all be back
<Arganite> Not downloading fast enough!
<badmonkey> wow, my timing was sweeeeet
<Arganite> Yeah I concur
<Arganite> Cya all
<oughtobe> i'm not going to play the game because they missed the 24th
<RC-Cola> i just wish we could thank them on the forums
<Raa> 300k is only 30% of what i should get :|
<oughtobe> I refuse to play because the game is late
<Fenrus_ox> 56%
<oughtobe> 90%
<badmonkey> 100%
<PoopsyMuf> ok
<badmonkey> woo
<Erasmus> bye
<PoopsyMuf> then don't
<PoopsyMuf> delete it now
<tunatowni> yes me too
<oughtobe> i will
<oughtobe> i'm deleting it right
<PoopsyMuf> good
<oughtobe> now
<tunatowni> lets all not download it because its late
<PoopsyMuf> excellent
<oughtobe> i'm going to start a petition
<PoopsyMuf> good
<RC-Cola> i am going to gather junk food
<oughtobe> byeeeeeeeeee
<RC-Cola> and nail sheets over my windows
<Kloreep> I wish I had 300 kb/sec :p
<Kloreep> I'm at 8%
<RC-Cola> i'm at 175kb/sec
<PoopsyMuf> 170 kb/sec
<Kloreep> 60 kb/sec
<Sierra-X> watch, i won't be able to play
<Fenrus_ox> I'm only getting about 280kb/s
<Raa> 253k/sec, 50%
<Gurok> 14 kb/sec
* JackSawyr shrugs
<PoopsyMuf> unfortunately it's 3:15
<JackSawyr> no worries
<JackSawyr> this is crazy
<bpenguin> Wow, I love the new page :D
<Sierra-X> getting about 330KB/s
<PoopsyMuf> if I start playing now I'm not going to sleep until I'm done...
<Fenrus_ox> gameplay is imminent, so see y'all
<November> Got it.
<Mike7775> im getting 700KB/s
<Kloreep> The official poster is awesome
<RC-Cola> ooh i want to check that out
<November> 9.68MB/sec. They must be in the same data center I'm in. Jesus.
<Tenebrae> 165kb/s here
<Tenebrae> 13%
<badmonkey> okay, here we go
<badmonkey> g'night all!
<Shalkar> now why am I getting 3kb
<Shalkar> lol
<PoopsyMuf> they put up the section for qfg2 in the forum
<Raa> 250k/sec, still going, 82%, 1 min to go
<Bester_> night people. have to go to bed.
<bonertown> haha, 5 hours, 38 minutes remaining
<JackSawyr> this is crazy
<bonertown> it's like 14.4 kbps all over again
<JackSawyr> but fun
<Nobara> Well Yaaay download complete!
<PoopsyMuf> this minute is taking forever
<Raa> November : You're on a lan, be quiet! ;) ;)
<Shalkar> thats faster than cable I assume
<Shalkar> lol
<Gurok> How do you think I feel? I've got three left to go!
<Raa> Depends on the cable...
<JackSawyr> hear that?
<November> 'what have you done for me lately?!'
<JackSawyr> thats the sound of the game folk going "at last they've stopped complaining"
<November> 'I'm outta here!'
<JackSawyr> "for now"
<JackSawyr> oh man
<JackSawyr> there's a manual
<JackSawyr> NEAT
<JackSawyr> cool
<JackSawyr> and they explain Silly Clowns
<JackSawyr> bravo
<Kloreep> Haha, the website says X-Ray easter egg is in

 Post subject: Re: QFG2VGA Release Party! Chat Transcript
PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:35 am 
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LOL! It seems like a cool party. :) The masses probably became silent soon after! :rollin

 Post subject: Re: QFG2VGA Release Party! Chat Transcript
PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:38 am 
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There are still a few diehard chatters as of this writing, but it's certainly saner than it was during the downloading.


 Post subject: Re: QFG2VGA Release Party! Chat Transcript
PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:48 am 
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Gronagor wrote:
LOL! It seems like a cool party. :) The masses probably became silent soon after! :rollin

Yeah. I'm still cahtting. Its nicer. quieter and its a nice chat.

And I still havent sat down to play the game yet. I'm still savoring the experience. You can't rush these things. There won't be another QFG-like game for awhile yet, after all :D

 Post subject: Re: QFG2VGA Release Party! Chat Transcript
PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:12 am 
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haha, cool...

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