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 Post subject: Scans_Daily shut down
PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:40 pm 
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I don't create threads, it's kind of a personal rule. I can usually get by saying what I need to say in other people's threads but I feel this needs mentioning:

Scans_Daily, a live journal group dedicated to comic books and the discussion thereof, was shut down yesterday.

I wont get into detail, a quick google search will bring up the conflicting details, speculation and finger pointing but I have to say that this is quite upsetting for me. There aren't many places (inside of our outside of the internet) that are that widely populated by girls or open minded guys solely for the discussion of comic books.
Yes I understand why it was shut down, but losing one of the few places you could go and say "I like the Flash!" without having all these voices pop up with "Oh yeah? Which one?" (And God forbid you answer with someone either then their favorite) and "Well if you like him so much what happened in Issue 103 on page 10 and who wrote it?"
It might sound like an exaggeration but on five seperate occasions in my life I've mentioned my love for comics and gotten seriously quizzed on it. I don't know if I was quizzed to prove I wasn't lying, or to prove I was worthy or what but if you can't see that somethings wrong there then it's time to reevaluate your perspective. (And worse, I didn't even get quizzed on the stuff I liked, every single time I had to know things about their favorite characters and their favorite creators. Ignoring the fact that they didn't know anything about mine).
There's a lot of resentment built up for female fans that I wasn't aware of when I first started collecting. And yeah, not everyone was as great but there were a lot of people on scans_daily that were just as angry and sick of that treatment as I was.
You didn't know something about Wonder Woman? Someone would tell you, not belittle you. You didn't know who wrote that issue? You'd get a list of everyone who worked on it and other things they did that you just might like.

Sorry to rant, I know there are bigger issues out there but losing that community was kind of a big deal (it will be rebuilt but it might take a while) and I just thought I'd share, in the off chance that someone else on the forum visited but hadn't heard the news.

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