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 Post subject: 209/210 Afterthoughts. Spoilers of course.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:16 pm 
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I'll just put it in point form >_>

1) The timer was an excellent idea, it really kept me on my feet. On the otherhand, sometimes I would cut it really close, like I was racing to finish the cat transformation cookie. The clock was ticking down, I had to scramble to get out of the lab while watching the already yellow timer slicing the seconds away. I was so anxious I accidentally caused Gwydion to take a non-fatal tumble on the lab stairs. I got up, remembered to put the wand back and shut the trapdoor, by the time I got to the second floor the timer was already red, but I managed to lace the porridge and stash my stuff before getting caught. Probably by mere seconds. I don't think I've sworn that much since playing the first Fatal Frame in the dark >_>

2) On the otherhand, the shortening of the timer made some things a little harder to do. Like, I had to replay the first half of the game several times just to get a good grasp of where everything was placed and how much time I would need. Even then I felt like my rush caused me to miss certain things. I could've sworn there was supposed to be an important conversation between the chickens, but I didn't hear it.

3) Levers and Trapdoors... the change in the quest for opening the trapdoor was probably the most daunting at the start. I restarted the game a few times at the start, once wasting most of Mannanan's absence searching each book individually. Then the boxes on top of the shelves... I don't know if you guys did it on purpose, but sticking the boxes up there and then saying that Alex can't reach it, and then taunting you with the ladder in the general store was a bit... yeah. haha.

4) Sure wish Gwydion was able to run. It would've been very useful for when you see those bandits coming at you.

5) Speaking of running. The animation of Mannanan's walking in the intro was a little odd. He looked fine when you see him from the front, but whenever saw him walking from a side profile, his robes made him look like he was 'walking like an egyptian'. Like, a normal human being strides one foot in front the other, but the robes made him look like he was taking a step, putting both feet together before taking another step. Why did he walk all the way up the mountain to his house anyway? We see him poofing around the house all the time.

6) Puzzles that had me stumped: The levers, escaping the ship, the storm potion because I couldn't figure out where to get the mud until I pixel hunted the length of the stream, the balancing bridge. The last one was not because I didn't know to use the map, but because I didn't realise there was a lever in the middle of the bridge. I did not find it readily apparent.

7) Birthmarks. :D Teehee.

8) Graham looks a little dorky in his crown. Especially while wearing his shabby clothes along with it. Gwydion has really nice and neat hair for a slave :P The Oracle was really well done though.

9) Pingpong ball ending was a little awkward. I think something a bit less goofy looking could've been done like just a really bright green light instead of the jewel actually flying off on its own.

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