The initial King's Quest I remake development team consisted of only two members: Anonymous Game Developers #1 (Britney Brimhall) and #2 (Christopher Warren). They both undertook a variety of tasks, including creating background art, sprites, dialogue pictures, animations, scripting, and music conversion.

Over time, AGDI accepted help from numerous people to enhance the overall quality of the King's Quest I remake. For version version 2.0, Tom Lewandowski of QuestStudios re-recorded the musical score digitally, to ensure that the original music written by Ken Allen reached its full potential. And a cast of voice actors contributed their skills to the speech pack, with Josh Mandel once again reprising the role of Graham as he did in Sierra's official King's Quest games.

For version 4.0, John Paul Selwood, Emily Selwood, and Johan Botes loaned their artistic talents to the project, giving the unrefined backgrounds (which had remained largely unedited since v1.0)  a complete overhaul, increasing the artwork quality tenfold. In addition, the immensely talented voice actor John Bell provided the game with complete narration vocals, similar to those heard in the CD-ROM versions of King's Quest V and King's Quest VI; a crucial role that was missing from previous AGDI versions of the King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown remake.