I can't download / install / play the game!
Please refer to the Technical FAQ.

How did this project begin?
This project began as a method of learning how to make games, and more importantly, how to finish them. Most of our team members had some experience in making games, whether it was art, programming, or dialogue writing. But, we wanted to obtain an overall general knowledge of all aspects of game making, and felt the best way to do this was by simply jumping in and creating one. What started as a small project turned into something huge. Once we saw that our little game had so much potential, and was actually quite good, we decided to put in the extra time and effort to perfect it and make it releasable to the public. We realized that most people would not be interested in playing an old 16 color game, so we wanted to incorporate our artistic skills into the project and make the game in 256+ colors. We chose 320x200 resolution to give the game the feeling of an old Sierra adventure game.

How many people have been working on it?
There were two main game developers working on the King's Quest I remake at first. Over the years, the contributions of many others have allowed it to greatly evolve beyond its original incarnation.

There is a bug with the condor! No matter where I jump I can't grab onto the bird!
This isn't a bug... you just have to be very precise! If you examine the ground closely, you may get a hint of exactly where you're supposed to be standing.