This walkthrough won't give directions in the way of going north or west twice. It just lists what to do in certain locations. Similar to the hint section, clicking on the part where you're stuck displays the list of actions needed to continue as well as the points you can earn there.

Finding the Mirror

Clearing with rock

Oak tree

Lake west of rock screen

Lake north of carrot garden

Old well

Finding the Chest

Gingerbread house

Carrot garden

Goat pen

Troll bridge

Gnome's dwelling

Fertile soil


Finding the Shield

Stump and log near lake

Walnut tree

Clearing north of elf lake

Woodcutter's cottage

Clover patch

Entrance to dragon's cave

Meadow west of the hole

Down the hole

Leprechaun's antechamber

Throne room

Chamber with small hole in the wall

Front gate of Castle Daventry

The End!

Alternate Solutions

Actions that will actually make you lose points