The original development team consisted of Anonymous Game Developer #1 (Britney Brimhall), Anonymous Game Developer #2 (Christopher Warren), and our plot writer, Daniel Stacey. Daniel worked very hard to create an intricate plot to satisfy even the most discriminating adventure game players! Britney created dialogue pictures and backgrounds, while Chris handled the backgrounds, animations, voice casting, and scripting. Additionally, Tom Lewandowski and his wife Dianne joined the team, creating an absolutely breathtaking original score. Of course, we also had a mystery member making a mystery feature. It was Relight (Brandon Klassen) making the opening 3D cutscene, in case you're still wondering.

For version v2.0, we again had the contributions of a cast of voice actors bringing the game’s characters to life, with Josh Mandel once again lending his voice to the role of King Graham. Richard Aronson, another former Sierra employee and voice actor, also contributed his vocal skills to the hauntingly mysterious Count Caldaur.

Version 3.0 has gone through a complete metamorphosis with John Paul Selwood, Emily Selwood, and Johan Botes coming on board and using their fantastic artistic talents to give the background screens a complete overhaul. These graphical enhancements bring the game up to such an improved artistic level, that playing v3.0 is like playing a complete remake of our original remake! Romancing the Stones has also received full voice narration, courtesy of John Bell, similar to that which is heard in the CD-ROM versions of King’s Quest V and King’s Quest IV - a crucial role that was missing from previous AGDI versions of the King’s Quest II Remake.