Welcome to Erpy's Official Guide to King’s Quest II Romancing the Stones. This guide is dedicated to AGDI’s remake of King's Quest II.

This document contains all the information needed to successfully complete the game with maximum points. Since nearly 85% of the puzzles have been altered in this remake, this document will not be of much help if you're stuck in the original game. Likewise, having beaten the original won't make "Romancing the Stones" a walk in the park either.

Version 2.0 of this document was compiled by J. King and finalised in XHTML using Javascript to make this guide suitable for all browsers. J. King also wrote the nifty hint-revealing system.

Version 3.0 of this document was reformatted for integration with the AGDI website by Relight, who also drew the maps.

Comments, feedback and mistakes should be sent to Erpy himself, Stijn Van Empel.