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February 22nd, 2013 UPDATE

The Mage's Initiation Kickstarter is Live!

We have some exciting news. The development team has been working hard on our latest original, Sierra-style Adventure / RPG game!

We're excited to announce that we have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mage's Initiation.

Here you can reserve a copy of the game, as well as other cool collectible items such as posters, cloth maps, T-shirts, pendants, and even a polyresin figure of D'arc himself (the protagonist)!

For more details please click here.

February 24th, 2011 UPDATE

King's Quest III Redux Released

Following in the tradition of enhanced Sierra remakes, we're proud to present King's Quest III Redux: To Heir is Human. The game resumes where our previous remake, King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones, ended. Featuring beautiful storybook artwork, an enchanting musical score, full voice acting, new scenes, quests, characters, and locations to explore, plus a royal serving of adventure, this is AGD Interactive's most polished remake ever -- a must play!

January 20th, 2011 UPDATE

Quest for Glory II v2.0 released on PC and Mac

Packed full of fixes and improvements, version 2.0 of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire has been upgraded and released. But that's not all! Now Mac users, too, can enjoy this award-winning Adventure/RPG game in full Point & Click, icon-based, pseudo-VGA glory. So be a Hero, not a zero, and download your free copy right now.

A full list of changes to v2.0 is listed here

We're pleased to announce the release of AGD Interactive's Quest for Glory II remake for the Mac. If you're an Apple aficionado who has previously been unable to play our classic Sierra remakes, then be sure to visit the Games page and download your free Mac copies of Quest for Glory II and the King's Quest I and II remakes today.